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Colors, combos and additional pricing.

This is the 5-step pricing guide you can use to design your carport, garage, barn, RV cover, etc.

Step 1 - Determine if a certified structure is required or desired. Certified components are in the lower rows and identified by the star. If the Frame & Roof is certified the End Walls, Lean-tos and Doors must also be certified.

Step 2 - Select the roof style. 'Traditional' is on the left, 'A-Frame' on the right. Next choose dimensions, leg height and vertical roof. Vertical roofs are highly recommended on structures longer than 36'.

Step 5 - Roll-up doors, walk-in doors, windows, braces, anchors etc.

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Step 3 - If your designing a garage or barn select the length of your 'Side Walls' that match your leg height and the width of your 'End Walls' that match your leg height. 'Vertical' options are on the bottom of each chart. If you are designing a carport you can choose 'Single Panel' on one or both sides and/or enclose one or both gables by selecting 'Single Gable'.

Step 4 - Lean-tos come in 10', 12' and 15' widths and can be no longer than the main structure but lean-tos can be shorter than the main structure. Lean-to legs are 4' shorter than the main structure legs by default and can be 3' or even 2' shorter than the main structure legs but the lean-to roof tends to flatten out and the pitch will not match the roof of the main structure